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Workplace Giving Program

YES! I would like to donate to the Give Where You Live Foundation's Workplace Giving Program.

Workplace Giving is a small regular tax-deductible donation from your pay. It's coordinated by your employer's payroll who will deduct your chosen donation amount from each pay and forward it the Give Where You Live Foundation.

To sign up to Workplace Giving simply complete your details below and the amount you would like to donate and how that equates to your pay cycle.

Please note that once this form is completed and submitted it will be sent to the Give Where You Live Foundation, and your organisation's payroll to implement and commence donation deductions from your pay.

Your donations will automatically appear on your end of financial year Income Statement / Payment Summary.

Since 1954, the Give Where You Live Foundation Workplace Giving donations have been working to help create a fairer Geelong / G21 where all people and places thrive.

Give Where You Live has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, and your contribution across the year will be included in your end of year income statement (payment summary) as a tax deduction – no receipts required. Additionally, the Workplace Giving Program does not affect the way your gross income, super guarantee payments or fringe benefits are worked out.

If your organisation is not listed, please select Other

Please click one of the options below to nominate your donation amount  

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Thank you for helping to Build a Better Community!
Please be assured your privacy is important to us and your details remain confidential, we will not supply your details to any other organisation or individual.  Link to our privacy policy is here: GWYL-Privacy-Policy.pdf (

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